Aussie Chandler Shines For Hauser Hoops

Updated: January 28, 2017

By James Pence
Staff Reporter

Hauser Australian junior exchange student Tori Chandler has put the Hauser girls basketball program back on the map in one of the most successful seasons in the program’s history after going 13-8 and finishing a perfect 6-0 in conference play to capture the Mid-Hoosier Conference title.
For Chandler, her basketball roots go back to a very young age. She started playing basketball at eight years old. Her mother and her older brother have been playing basketball at a young age, as well.
It was her brother, though, that brought out the best in her.
“We were really competitive and sometimes we would end up fighting,” Chandler said.
Right when Chandler was playing in open gym, her shooting, her commitment, and her drive and passion for basketball caught the eye of coach Brad Hamilton immediately. He reflects on how the journey began.
“She was shooting by herself one day in the gym and I did not think anything about it and thought that we must have a new middle school player as I didn’t pay attention to height or recognize her,” Hamilton said. “She was hitting shots, after shots, after shots with good form. I asked somebody, ‘What grade is she in,’ and they’re like, ‘She’s a junior coach.’
What Hamilton was impressed with the most about Chandler was how well she has fit in with the other girls on the team that have been playing together with each other at a young age.

“Tori has such a great personality and it is a tribute to the team how well they have bonded with her,” Hamilton said. “Her work ethic and positive attitude just inspires the rest of the team. She helps bring that out in all of us.”
When Chandler starting playing her first game for the Jets, she saw firsthand why Indiana is considered the epicenter of basketball when noticing a drastic difference in the competitiveness and support from the community as opposed to when she is playing for her home state of Victoria. The capacity of the crown that shows up to games is no comparison to Indiana.
She also been on the fan side of Hauser basketball as she has attended the boys basketball games and even been a part of the Jets student cheer block.
“The crowd and all of the supporters that come really get into the games,” Chandler said. “We don’t have varsity or JV (in Australia), we just have A and B teams.”
One basketball player she has idolized growing up is Australian NBA star Matthew Dellavedova, who played his college ball at Saint Mary’s College of California and won an NBA championship in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is currently playing for the Milwaukee Bucks this season.
Chandler, who is currently staying with host parents Alan and Christy Greenhut, will stay in the United States until late June, but hopes to return to the United States and play college basketball. She recently set up a profile on the National College Scouting Association website (NCSA) in hopes of getting noticed.
“I definitely want to come back and play college ball and I want to study somewhere in the legal system,” Chandler said. “I want to be playing basketball while I am doing it because I love playing basketball too much.”
This spring, Chandler has not decided yet whether she wants to participate in tennis or track and field. She has a strong passion for tennis as she has played the sport before and got to go to the Australian Open last year. She also wants to keep conditioned for basketball which is why she has been contemplating on competing in track and field.

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